For most of us, and for men the pressure is very often taken by the heart. The figures are shocking. Forty percent of men who die in the forty-five to sixty-four age group do so as a result of a coronary. Sudden heart attack strikes down men from the age of twenty-two onwards with alarming regularity, and it’s thought that there are more than a million men in the forty to fifty-nine age group whose blood pressure is so high that it puts them at three times the risk of developing serious heart disease as those with low blood pressure. But when was the last time you had yours checked?

While some of the 160,000 people who die of heart disease in Britain each year could blame their tragic early demise on hereditary factors, the rest could probably have done a great deal to prevent their poor hearts from packing up so early.

According to recent government figures, fewer than half the medical records kept by general practitioners show recent blood pressure measurements. By comparison, 75 percent of Americans have their blood pressure checked every six months. But if you know that your blood a high risk pressure is taking you into category, you might heed the well-advertised warnings and stop smoking, eat more healthy food, and exercise more.

Slowing down is essential for those who already have a cardiac problem, and probably good advice for everyone, but who can afford to let up when the pressure to succeed is so great and the competition so formidable? Often it’s the man who appears to have everything under control who develops a problem with his heart and it comes as a great surprise to everyone. “He looked so healthy,” they say.

Essential Oils for Heart Care

As prevention is better than cure, we start with a formula that reduces stress, improves the circulation and nervous system, and also lowers high blood pressure:

  • Rosemary 1 drop
  • Hyssop 1 drop
  • Bergamot 1 drop

Use in a bath.
or In 1 teaspoon vegetable oil for self massage.

In recent research carried out by Edinburgh University it was found that men who have had heart attacks or suffer from angina have less essential fatty acids in their body than men with no heart trouble. This implies that it is the lack of vegetable oils, fish, and fresh green vegetables, rather than the overconsumption of saturated animal fats that causes the problems.

The two factors are of course related in that someone who uses butter regularly is unlikely to use polyunsaturated fats simply because he is already using one form of fat and none of us spreads our toast twice! Also, if you have meat, which includes animal fat, for a meal, that precludes you having fish. a It’s a question of choice, and in preventative heart care it seems to make more sense to go for fish and vegetables rather than steak and buttered baked potato. This research is, however, merely a refinement on the old advice: lower your cholesterol intake.

Those who already have a heart problem should

In addition to the above and following dietary tips. Try an essential oil treatment once a month. If this is not possible, adapt self-massage techniques (see also Basic Massage Techniques) once a week. And use essential oils in your bath at least twice a week. You may also want to consider heavy metal removal therapy, which provides high doses of vitamins E, C, A, and B-complex, plus other vitamins, minerals, and trace elements. To stimulate the production of antibodies that break down the dangerous plaque coating of the arteries.

In China, ginger has been known as a heart strengthener for thousands of years, and ginger oil happens to be one of the essential oils recommended for use in heart care.

Ginger Essential Oil

Choosing from the two lists below, use the oils singly or in combinations–to a total of 5 drops in a bath, or a total of 30 drops per 2 tablespoons vegetable oil for the massage. You can create marvelously sensual aromas for yourself that will also be doing you a great deal of good:


  • Geranium
  • Rosemary
  • Hyssop
  • Rose Bulgar
  • Black pepper
  • Cardamom
  • Rose Maroc
  • Egyptian rose
  • Ginger


  • Bergamot
  • Clary-sage
  • Cypress
  • Basil

Many of these oils smell spicy and masculine and are used in the most exclusive men’s aftershaves and toiletries, and finding an oil or combination that suits your aroma preference won’t be too difficult. Here is a formula you can try–ether in a bath or as a massage oil. It is precisely because of heart care considerations that massage is always done working towards the heart, and in this case concentrate on your shoulders, the back of your neck, and both sides of your arms.

This formula stimulates blood circulation and strengthens the nervous system while dispelling anxieties and helping you to relax:


  • Cardamom 2 drops
  • Geranium 1 drop
  • Clary-sage 2 drops
  • Bergamot 1 drop

Use in a bath
or In 2 teaspoons vegetable oil for a full body massage
or In 1 teaspoon vegetable oil for self massage

Wish you always healthy and happy in life.

  • The article is for reference only and to share experiences, not a substitute for medical diagnosis or treatment.
  • Sources: THE COMPLETE BOOK OF ESSENTIAL OILS & AROMATHERAPY – Valerie Ann Worwood & Essential Oil Natural Remedies – ALTHEA PRESS

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