The Teenage Years

As well as peer pressure and the awakening of sexual awareness, prepubescent children have to contend with bodily changes, school exams, and the parting from lifelong friends as they begin a new school elsewhere. They are no longer top dogs at elementary school but the new boy or girl in a place where they must learn to cope with an increasingly competitive atmosphere.

The Teenage

Unlike adults who only have to compete in one area–the one for which they have already shown an aptitude and which is their profession–the young adult at school is under pressure to succeed in many diverse areas.

Meanwhile, the teenager’s body is going through profound changes. This transition also brings its particular problems. Boys sometimes suffer from gynecomastia, when the breasts swell as the male and female sex hormones adjust and find their new balance. This usually clears up by itself in time but any accompanying pain can meanwhile be eased by a rub of 15 drops of lavender in 2 tablespoons vegetable oil.

Other problems of puberty for:

  • Boys can be swollen scrotum, involuntary erection, and emission of semen.
  • Girls may suffer from irregular or painful periods and premenstrual syndrome.

Skin Problems

Skin disorders are common in teenagers and can be most distressing. They are caused by the increase in sex hormones which in turn cause an increase in sebum production of the sebaceous glands. As the outer epidermis becomes thicker the pores have a tendency to dilate and if they become blocked by dead skin cells, sebum can become blocked and infected by the bacteria that live on all human skin.

Skin Problems of teenage

Cleansing the skin to clear away the dead skin cells is crucial to avoid skin breakouts, especially during the hormonally active teens. Here then is facial scrub which is equally good for those with or trying to avoid skin problems, and which will not damage the skin:


  • Ground almonds 2 tablespoons
  • Raw egg white 1 teaspoon
  • Lemon essential oil 4 drops

Mix the ingredients together well, put a small amount into the palm of your hand and apply to a previously wetted face. Rub the mixture all over the face in a rolling movement; wash with a good allergenic soap; rinse off with plenty of water.

Now, dab the face with a lavender splash made by adding 5 drops of lavender essential oil to 2 tablespoons of spring water. Shake the bottle before each use and just dab the liquid over the face and leave it. Repeat this treatment each day.

The Essential Teenage Facial Scrub

Acne sufferers have been shown to have markedly lower zinc levels in their bodies than non sufferers and it would seem only sensible to increase your zinc level, by diet or supplements. Other skin treatments you can refer to Facial Skin Care With Herbal Essential Oils; Uses Essential Oil For Problem Skin. As can shampoos which will alleviate the problem of greasy hair which is also caused by overproduction of sebum.

School can be as stressful to a teenage as the office is to an adult and the essential oils are just as useful in alleviating this. So run a bath for your child and give her a favorite comic and send her off to the bathroom with instructions to take it easy for half an hour. It is best to do this after you have spent some time lending an ear to any problems she may have so they are off the chest. Use 4 drops of one of the following oils:


  • Chamomile Roman
  • Nutmeg
  • Marjoram
  • Geranium
  • Lemon
  • Lavender
  • Bergamot

Or follow one of these formulas which are designed to help your child cope with classroom stress:

  • Bergamot 2 drops
  • Lavender 2 drops
  • Marjoram 2 drops
  • Lemon 2 drops

Enough for 2 baths

  • Geranium 3 drops
  • Mandarin 3 drops
  • Clary-sage 3 drops

Enough for 3 baths

Once again, lavender provides a solution to the problem. Add 2 drops only to the bath (more will act as a stimulant rather than relaxant); afterwards give the child a big mug of something warm, and a foot rub. No child can remain upright after that!

Teenagers need to touch “home base” as much as anyone else does, despite the fact that they are forever extending their sights outward–or perhaps more so because of that. Touch is extremely important for everyone, but parents tend to touch their children less as they grow older and some children will have years during which nobody touches them closely at all.

Cuddles may seem childish to a teenager and so massage, which is very grown up, is a good way to get in touch with your child, literally and figuratively. You can massage the hands or feet as well as the shoulders, back, or legs or, indeed, the whole body. The following are particularly good for this purpose:


Drug Abuse

Unfortunately drugs feature prominently; in modern life and we cannot expect our children never to come into contact with them. Some will inevitably be sucked into the negative vortex created by “heavy” the drugs, and aromatherapists, like practitioners in all fields of complementary medicine, have been asked for help by many desperate parents.

Withdrawal from heroin, cocaine, or speed-type drugs is never easy and the essential oils cannot offer a magical panacea. Someone who has gone down this road can only expect a period of difficult emotional and physical transition back to normality. However, the essential oils can help the process in two ways:

  • As a general strengthening to both the emotional and physical system as the addict tries to withstand the pull of the drug.
  • And in specific treatments of the many side effects of withdrawal.

These include insomnia, acute anxiety, night sweats, palpitations, nausea, cramps, headaches, loss of appetite, and trembling. The following essential oils are very useful in baths and massage oils and can give addicts tremendous help as they struggle to overcome their problem:


  • Rose
  • Grapefruit
  • Sandalwood
  • Marjoram
  • Fennel
  • Bergamot
  • Birch
  • Basil
  • Parsley
  • Eucalyptus peppermint
  • Nutmeg
  • Lavender
  • Chamomile Roman
  • Eucalyptus lemon
  • Orange
  • Valerian

Wish you always healthy and happy in life.

  • This article is for reference only and to share experiences, and is not a substitute for medical diagnosis or treatment.
  • Source: THE COMPLETE BOOK OF ESSENTIAL OILS & AROMATHERAPY – Valerie Ann Worwood & Essential Oil Natural Remedies – ALTHEA PRESS

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