About Us

BIOREMAKE Co.,Ltd registered in Vietnam in 2021 (Base on 2004 Green Tree Co.,Ltd) with two factory in Dong Nai and Binh Phuoc and over 100 hecta agarwood plantations.

Main business industries:

  • Planting forests, forests care and nurturing forestry trees; Growing spices, medicinal plants, and perennial aromatic plants. 

  • Manufacturing and Export of Agarwood.

  • Manufacturing and Exporting Cosmetics.

  • Manufacturing and Exporting Herbal Essential Oils.

  • Production of medicines, pharmaceutical chemicals and medicinal materials.

  • Technical testing and analysis. Details: Analysis and quality testing of essential oils.

  • Scientific research and technological development in the field of science, engineering and technology.

  • Scientific research and technological development in the field of medical science and pharmacy.

  • Investment consulting activities


Bioremake Office


Bioremake Showroom


With the goal of sustainable Agarwood production, from the beginning we have invested in planting and building a large Aquilaria tree material area in the Central and Southeast regions. After 20 years of investment and grown. And now, our company has been completely proactive in raw material areas to produce and supply the domestic agarwood market and export Agarwood products in required quantities and with stable quality.

Raw Materials

B I O R E M A K E is the leading brand of pure Herbal Essential Oils in Vietnam; Our product manufacturing motto: “NATURAL;  CHEMICAL-FREE; ALCOHOL-FREE; NON-TOXIC”.

CLOSED process: Products are manufactured and strictly controlled according to international standards, from input materials, production, packaging, storage, transportation and distribution to consumers.

With a CLOSED Agarwood essential oil production process from the raw material area, the agarwood innoculation process to the factory. Since then, BIOREMAKE has:
– Proactively produce products upon request; Stable quantity and quality of goods.
– With Bio-E Agarwood Induction technology, we have created completely NATURAL quality agarwood products.
– We have applied high technology to the process of processing agarwood materials during the production process.
– Agarwood essential oil is extracted using the hydrosol distillation method, creating a completely pure product.
That is our company’s strength to meet the increasing demand of the domestic and export Agarwood market.

Manufacture Process


Become a leading company in the field of manufacturing and trading Agarwood (Oud), essential oils & herbal products in Vietnam and Export.


Provide high quality herbal essential oil products at reasonable prices to consumers, bringing the highest added value to customers, employees and the community.


Become the leading symbol in Vietnam for natural and herbal essential oils and Agarwood (Oud).