About Us

 ESSENTIAL OILS are one of the great untapped resources of the world. The concen-trated essences of various flowers, fruits, herbs, and plants have been used for centuries all over the world, but in modern times we have forgotten the power of these ancient medicines of the earth, preferring instead to use the products of perfume and chemical companies which imitate the natural fragrances and medicinal and cleansing properties of essential oils. Because the essential oils are so sweet-smelling, many people suppose their value is essentially one of charm and fragrance-but this is a mistake. Modern scientific research has proven that essential oils are potent, with remarkable medicinal properties.

B I O R E M A K E owns a safe material area according to organic standards with a professional research team, combined with a modern extraction workshop and a high-tech laboratory.

Plantịng; Distillation; Essential Oils

B I O R E M A K E is the leading brand of pure herbal essential oil in Vietnam; Our product manufacturing motto: “natural, non-toxic, alcohol-free, no-chemical”.


Become a leading company in the field of manufacturing and trading Agarwood (Oud), essential oils & herbal products in Vietnam and Export.


Provide high quality herbal essential oil products at reasonable prices to consumers, bringing the highest added value to customers, employees and the community.


Become the leading symbol in Vietnam for natural and herbal essential oils and Agarwood (Oud).