1. Delivery methods:

The Company will deliver the goods by itself or cooperate with the shipping units that will deliver the goods to the address specified by the Customer.

2. Delivery term

  • Delivery time in Ho Chi Minh City area: from 01 to 03 days;
  • Delivery time from Ho Chi Minh City to other provinces/cities: from 02 to 05 days;
  • Normally, after receiving order information, the Company will process the order within 24 hours and feedback information to the Customer about payment and delivery. However, there are also cases where the delivery takes longer but only in the following force majeure situations:
    + Company employees cannot contact customers by phone, so they cannot deliver goods;
    + The delivery address provided by the customer is incorrect or difficult to find;
    + The number of orders suddenly increased, causing the processing of orders to be slow;
    + The partner delivers the goods later than expected, causing the delivery to be delayed or the shipping partner to deliver the goods.
  • In the above case, the Company will actively contact the Customer to agree on a specific delivery time.

3. In case of delay

  • In case of late delivery without notice, the Client may refuse to receive the goods and the Company will refund the full amount paid by the Client in advance (if any) within 7 days.
  • The company commits to have full invoices. The risks arising during transportation (bumps, dampness, accidents ..) may affect the goods, so please check the goods carefully before signing for receipt. The company will not be responsible for the deviation of the form of the goods after the Customer has signed to receive the goods.
  • Shipping fee will be charged according to the fees of the shipping partners designated by the Company, depending on the location and volume of the order, when contacting to confirm the order with the Customer, Bioremake will report the specific fee for the order. Customer.