Distribution Agent Policy

Customers who want to become Bioremake’s distributors will enjoy the following basic benefits:

  • Attractive discount percentage – Increase with each order value;
  • Maximum support for Digital Marketing Online to help increase sales;
  • A series of benefits when opening a Bioremake product store;
  • Regular ongoing professional support/sales training;
  • The right to exchange and transport goods;
  • Very attractive gift, promotion and after-sales program;
  • Timely product information;
  • Transfer wholesale and retail orders by region;
  • 24/7 support;

The rights, obligations, responsibilities and profits of Bioremake agents will be signed and implemented through the “Agent Contract”.

To become an agent of Bioremake, please contact via:

  • Phone:  037 7935044 (Ms.Truc) or 0968 296680 (Mr.Thư)
  • Hotline: 028 6685 2855
  • Email: daily@bioremake.com or bioremake@gmail.com