Agarwood Powder (Oud)


  • Botanical Name: Aquilaria Crassna Pierre.
  • Origin: Việt Nam.
  • Process: High-tech closed production from Raw Materials to Finished Products.
  • Plant Part: Agarwood (Oud-wood).
  • Cultivation: Sustainably harvested.
  • Use: grand opening, breaking into the house, sedating, reducing stress, eliminating evil spirits…
  • Aroma: Persistent precious wood fragrance, sweet, warm, deep…
  • Type: Wooden box, paper bag.
  • Color: Dark brown.
  • Quantity: 5 paper bags (~50gr)
  • Standard: Nature; No-chemicals.
  • Certificate: Case, CO, CBCL, TCCS.


Premium agarwood powder (Oud) is produced from natural Agarwood raw materials. Unmixed and toxic, the product has the natural brown color of Agarwood. Agarwood is sacred, it is the convergence of the quintessence of heaven and earth to bring fresh energy to users.

The use of agarwood powder in store openings, entrance exams … becomes more popular. Therefore, the use of disinfectant powder to neutralize bad luck, house, land, shops and places of business and trade, brings good luck to the homeowner, and dissipates bad luck. bad luck and bring auspicious vitality to your family as well as to yourself.

Agarwood Powder (Oud)

Detailed description

1. Uses

Agarwood from ancient times has been widely used in sacred places and living spaces of Kings and Lords. Because it has a gentle aroma when burned, it will spread throughout the space, bringing a warm and peaceful space. In addition, Feng Shui Agarwood Powder is also used in:

✅ Eliminate miasma, evil energy, dispel and protect from the effects of lemur, ..

✅ Helps to clean house space, kitchen, deodorize, decontaminate..

✅ Help increase wealth, favorable business, happy work…

✅ Ritual purification (Decontamination, worship offerings, ground breaking, grand opening, ordination, clearance of feng shui items …)

✅ Increase vitality, bring peace in your home, shop, office, relaxing spa, and repel insects…

✅ The scent of agarwood helps the soul to relax, comfort, and calm the mind

2. Using

First, open the lid of the box, put the powder in the paper bag into the fumigant burner (note: the powder fumigant should have a conductive powder). Use a lighter to burn the powder. The scent of Agarwood will spread in your space.

“Stay Away from Evil – Radiant Purity”

3. Preservation

  • Keep in dry places
  • Close the lid of the box after use
  • The product can be used in air-conditioned rooms

Why should use TRUNG KY Agarwood products

All Agarwood products TRUNG KY are pure and thoroughly tested before being sold on the market. According to CASE analysis results (HCMC EXPERIMENTAL ANALYSIS SERVICE CENTER) did not detect organic compounds (TCVN 6994:2001) that are dangerous or toxic to humans. Therefore, the use of natural incense not only helps protect the health of the family but also helps protect the environment..

Premium Oud Wood Powder: 100% Natural, Pure, Non-toxic

Using Agarwood on a regular basis will help reduce stress, improve mood, and sleep better. In addition, for those who want to be good at practicing yoga, meditate. Then Agarwood is the best choice for a pure space.

Why should choose TRUNG KY Agarwood

1. Verified origin

➡️ Say NO to Agarwood of unknown origin.
➡️ Say NO to cheap, seasoned, blended and chemical frankincense powder.
➡️ Say NO to harmful preservatives.

All types of incense in TRUNG KY are made directly from the Agarwood Farm to the Agarwood factory without going through middlemen. Closed production process, guaranteed in each stage. All kinds of incense are made from natural incense, not impregnated with any harmful chemicals.

2. Health safety

Trung Ky Oud Wood Powder is made from 100% natural agarwood. TRUNG KY Agarwood is always interested in users’ health. Before being put on the market, all of them have been tested for their origin, origin, and ingredients in incense to ensure no harm to users’ health. TRUNG KY Agarwood is committed to 100% natural certified by the Department of Science and Technology of Ho Chi Minh City.

3. Nationwide Delivery

Trung Ky Agarwood specializes in trading high-class Agarwood products, delivering to all provinces and cities nationwide. In addition, with orders from 2,000,000 VND or more, customers will receive free shipping in Ho Chi Minh City. In addition, with 2 showrooms in Ho Chi Minh City, customers can easily stop by to choose.

4. Attractive price of oud wood powder

The price of high-grade agarwood powder at TRUONG TRUNG KY has many attractive promotions. Like buy 5 boxes get 1 free, buy 2 boxes of incense buds to give smoke waterfall, customers will be able to buy incense sticks at the most attractive price!

5. Always dedicated Serving and consulting customers 24/7

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