Goods Return Policy

1. Terms of return
Customers can only request returns and refunds in the following cases:
  • The customer paid but did not receive the product;
  • Defective or damaged products or goods;
  • The Company delivers the wrong products and goods to the Customer (For example, the product is delivered wrong in terms of quantity, type of goods, not the same as the customer ordered, etc…);
  • The products and goods received by the Customer are markedly different from the information on that the Company provides in the product description;
  • The product/voucher/certificate has expired before or on the date the product is delivered to the customer.
  • Products and goods have no signs of being used, with the manufacturer’s original packaging intact, full accessories (stamps, warranty cards….) and accompanying gifts (if any).

2. Refund term

Return policy is applicable within 7 days of purchase.

If the customer sends by post or courier: the time is calculated according to the receipt stamp of the post office or courier. .

Return costs: Customers are entitled to free delivery to the location indicated on the return request form.

After 7 days, Customers are kindly requested not to refund or exchange.

3. How to return or exchange purchased goods

  • Request to provide Order Code or receipt when returning products.
  • Return products and goods that customers have purchased to manufacturers.
  • In case the customer’s products and goods are defective when purchased at, please contact via email or hotline 028 6686 2855 – 0902 72 1004 for instructions on how to resolve .
  • In the case of defective or damaged products or goods, records must be made within 7 days of receipt of products or goods. Please send Customer’s order information along with information about defective products to email
  • For orders purchased as a product package, all products must be returned intact.
  • This return policy does not apply to products and goods that are free of exchange, return or refund that have been announced on the website:
  • The company is not responsible for refunding in case the customer buys the wrong product or goods on the website:

4. Refund Method for Refunds

4.1. General rules

  • All returned products will be re-checked through the website system: and the Company has the right to take measures to refund money through the following forms: Cash receipt or bank account transfer. Customer used to pay for the order, or exchange 1 for 1 (the company will bear the shipping cost).
  • Returned goods that do not meet the above requirements will be considered as damaged goods and the Customer will not be refunded according to regulations.

4.2. Procedure

  • Step 1: When the Company receives the returned Products and goods (enclosed with documents and invoices if any) from the Customer. Products and goods will be stored at Bioremake’s warehouse, and will notify the Customer via email/SMS of the receipt of the returned product from the Customer.
  • Step 2: The specialized department will inspect and evaluate the status of products and goods. After the inspection, the Company will notify the Client:
    (i) Products and goods eligible for return: Notify Customer via email/SMS of refund time, total amount and form of refund or Returned products and goods.
    (ii) Products and goods that are not eligible for return: Notify the Customer via email/SMS the reason for not being eligible for refund or exchange.
  • Step 3: (1) In case of eligibility for refund, Bioremake will respond to the refund request to the customer via email or SMS within a maximum of 03 working days from the time Bioremake receives the product back. Bioremake will carry out the refund procedure for customers within 05-07 working days, from the time Bioremake receives the product, the customer checks the bank account or the form to receive the refund or the Product, goods are returned. (2) In case of not being eligible for a refund, the Company will return the Products and goods that the Customer originally purchased through the company’s designated shipping partner (the Company bears the shipping costs).

4.3. In case the Customer has done the whole process above and still has not received the settlement. Please contact via email or hotline at 028 6686 2855 – 0902 72 1004

4.4. For promotional products: The company does not refund orders for products with promotional prices.