What’s Abelmoschus Sagittifolius Kurz Tea?

Bo Chinh ginseng also has other names such as Trentian ginseng, Leopard ginseng, and Phu Yen ginseng. The scientific name of ginseng is Abelmoschus sagittifolius (Kurz) Merr. Other names are Hibiscus sagittifolius Kurz, Hibiscus abelmoschus L. This plant family is Malvaceae.

Abelmoschus Sagittifolius Kurz

Describe the Abelmoschus Sagittifolius Kurz ginseng tree

Abelmoschus Sagittifolius Kurz is a herbaceous plant. The tree grows in the form of a bush, sometimes leaning against the surrounding trees, about 1m high or more. Roots are pale yellowish white. There are many large roots in the shape of a person that look a lot like ginseng. So people have called Abelmoschus Sagittifolius Kurz ginseng root.

The main leaves of Abelmoschus Sagittifolius Kurz ginseng are staggered, with long stalks. Leaves at the base are oval without sawing, the middle and apical leaves are 5 lobes strip-shaped, petioles shorter than the blades, hairy.

Abelmoschus Sagittifolius Kurz grows naturally in Vietnam. In the central mountainous areas (Binh Thuan, Phu Yen, Quang Ngai, Quang Nam, Nghe An, Ha Tinh.). And a few other places in the North. Currently, due to indiscriminate exploitation, Ginseng Bo Chinh is gradually becoming extinct. Since then, some places have propagated and replanted the raw material garden of Abelmoschus Sagittifolius Kurz Ginseng.

Due to its many nutritional benefits for the body, Abelmoschus Sagittifolius Kurz ginseng plant is listed by Oriental Medicine as a plant in the ginseng family. In addition to processing all kinds of ginseng, ginseng soaked in alcohol, dishes from ginseng. In addition, with pure fragrance and contains many nutritious substances. The flowers of Abelmoschus Sagittifolius Kurz plant are also used to make the Abelmoschus Sagittifolius Kurz tea.

Abelmoschus Sagittifolius Kurz Roots

Abelmoschus Sagittifolius Kurz ginseng is a precious ginseng, second only to Ngoc Linh ginseng, and not inferior to Korean ginseng. Big, long ginseng root has many very rich and beautiful shapes.

Abelmoschus Sagittifolius Kurz Roots

Abelmoschus Sagittifolius Kurz Ginseng has a light sweet taste, has mucilage, is average; has the effect of cooling, laxative, nourishing the mind, generating new fluids; With rice, it warms and nourishes the spleen, helps digestion, and adds strength. In China, people consider the roots and leaves as having the effect of sounding heat and burning poison.

Abelmoschus Sagittifolius Kurz Tea

Abelmoschus Sagittifolius Kurz Tea can be processed in 3 ways:

  • The first method is to use only ginseng flowers, ginseng leaves and main ginseng stems.
  • The second way is to combine the main parts of the ginseng plant with green tea, stevia and some other ingredients.
  • The third way is to use fresh ginseng root with ginger to make tea.
Abelmoschus Sagittifolius Kurz Flowers

Why’s we use Abelmoschus Sagittifolius Kurz Tea

  • Rich in omega, 10-20g of powder or fresh a day will cure insomnia.
  • Saponins help fight cancer and strengthen the body’s immune system.
  • Phytosterols help regulate blood pressure.
  • There are 3 types of omega 3, 6, 9 that help strengthen the cardiovascular, respiratory, and vision enhancement.
  • Contains calcium (0.56%) and iron (0.0056%) to help strengthen bones and grow well.

Ingredients: The Abelmoschus Sagittifolius Kurz ginseng tea contains 19 kinds of amino acids:

  • Glycine (0.16%): This acid helps the body to digest well, supports nerves, anti-inflammatory, anti-aging. Improve the skin of middle-aged women.
  • Histidine (0.093%): people with high intensity work will help sedation, easy to sleep. Improve sexual dysfunction in men and women.
  • Lysine (0.212%): For patients who have just had surgery, or have weak health, this acid helps the body quickly recover and regenerate cells.
  • Taurine (0.194%): acts on the nervous system, helps to stay awake.
  • Alanine (0.203%): participates in the metabolism of sugar in the body.
  • Arginine (0.698%): This acid has an effect on the liver, helping to balance the amount of ammonia in the blood, promoting the synthesis of substances and stabilizing liver function.
  • Aspartic acid (1.954%): This acid helps convert starch into sugar and helps to increase muscle mass. Limit the amount of ammonia in the body after each exercise session.
  • Sum of Cystine and Cysteine ​​(0.058%): helps improve tissue strength, strengthens white blood cells.
  • Cysteine ​​helps detoxify, limiting the harmful effects of alcohol and tobacco.
  • Glutamic acid (0.419%): helps users stabilize nervous disorders, liver disorders.
    Methionine (0.054%): prevent fatty liver, enhance male hormone.
  • Phenylalanine (0.107%): helps reduce depression, affects the brain, produces vitamin D, enhances memory.
  • Proline (0.388%): helps strengthen tissues, beneficial for the heart.
  • Threonine (0.147%): helps form collagen and elastin (substance that helps bind tissues). Boosts immunity and promotes nutrients.
  • Valine (0.170%): improve insomnia, anorexia.

The main ingredients of Abelmoschus Sagittifolius Kurz Tea.

  • Special Grade: Flower (50%), Ginseng Root (10%), Green Tea (10%), stevia (20%), trunk (10%)
  • Grade 1: consists of 80% main ginseng stem, leaves and flowers, 10% green tea, 5% stevia, 5% wilted flowers.
  • Grade 2: Consists of 90% dried main ginseng root, 10% dried ginger
  • Grade 3: has 100% of the main ginseng roots, leaves, flowers, stems, fruits, and seeds.

How to Uses?

  • Use 100ml boiling water and 30g Abelmoschus Sagittifolius Kurz tea. Then 5 minutes later can use.
  • Tea can be served with ice.
  • Store in the refrigerator for repeated use.

The benefits of Abelmoschus Sagittifolius Kurz tea

    • Prevent cancer.
    • Sedative, easy to sleep.
    • Skin beauty, anti-aging.
    • Body purification.
    • Restore health, heal wounds quickly.
    • Blood circulation, prevention of anemia.
    • Good for the immune system.
    • Lower the cholesterol.
    • Good for male and female activities.
    • Brighten eyes, good memory.


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